How to check the expiry date of your license

Do you use Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting, Sage Intelligence Reporting for Enterprise Management or our core Sage Intelligence Reporting software? If you do, this tip is specifically for you. This tip will show you how to check when your license expires, allowing you to prepare ahead of time for renewals.

Applies to: Sage Intelligence Reporting Core, Sage Intelligence Reporting for Enterprise Management and Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting

1. Navigate via Windows Explorer to Sage Intelligence Reporting install location > UR > PLDONGLE.DLL








2. Right-click  and select Properties










3. The expiry date will appear on the Details tab within the file description and product name. Only the year and the month value will appear.













For example: The expiry for this license is May 2014 as indicated by 2014_05 in the above screenshot.