Sage Intelligence Connector Module: Containers

Using the Connector, data is made available through the addition of data Containers and relevant expressions. The source of the underlying data can be a SQL Query, Table, a View, a Stored Procedure or a user defined SQL Join or Graphical Join.


To display the properties of your data Container, select the data Container in the object menu.  The data Container properties will appear in the right properties pane.


Container ID Technical Key Value used to identify the Data Container

Published Container Name The name assigned by the System Administrator for the Data Container

Description Description for the Data Container

Connection ID Technical Key Field for the Data Connection to which the Data Container is assigned

Source Container The name of the underlying Source Data Structure (TABLE, VIEW or STORED PROCEDURE) or a supported SQL JOIN to define a set of Data. Note that selection for the Source Container Type property must reflect what is held in this Source Container property

Source Container Type This is used to specify how the underlying source data is held. Set this to TABLE if it is simply a single data structure (most common), to a VIEW if it is a virtual table based on a query and to a JOIN if it is a logical combination of data from two ore more tables defined using a SQL join

In addition to these Container properties you can also view a list of reports that have been created from this Container. Right-click on the Container and select Show Dependencies.  This will list the reports that are dependent on this Container.