Top 5 Sage Intelligence Tips & Tricks of 2012

This is a list of the top 5 Sage Intelligence Tips & Tricks of 2012 based on number of views by you! This list is made up of the Sage Intelligence tips which you and our other readers found the most interesting & useful in 2012.

1. TRANSPOSE function

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Allows you to change the orientation of a range of cells whilst maintaining links to the source data. View tip

2. Report Writing Methodology

Runs you through the steps of creating a Sage Intelligence report. View tip

3. Using Slicers and Sparkline’s in Excel Report Templates

Shows you how to make your templates Excel 2010 compatible so you can use Sparkline’s and slicers. View tip

4. Copying, Pasting and Renaming Reports

Useful in Sage Intelligence Reporting because all the Master reports are locked and you need to make a copy of these master reports. View tip

5. Using PivotTables To Create Report Templates

Provides you with pointers on using PivotTables to create report templates. View tip

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