Using Slicers and Sparkline’s in Excel Report Templates

When developing a template using Alchemex, it is recommended to do so using Excel 2003 and to link the template back as an .xlt file.  This will ensure that the template is compatible on all versions of Excel.  However if you want to use Sparkline’s and slicers in your reports you need to make you templates Excel 2010 compatible.

  1. Run out you standard report into Excel from the Report Manager
  2. Go back your Report Manager and right select on the report you have run
  3. Select Un-link template

4.  The Excel Template is no longer linked to the report

5.  Right select on the Report again and select Create & Link Template

6.  The select a workbook to Covert Template screen will open, select the workbook from the list. Select OK

7.  Select Yes, to place Parameters on the Second Sheet

8.  Select the Template File Format to use. This time select Excel 2007 (.xltx) this will ensure the template is compatible with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. Allowing you now to use slicers and Sparkline’s in your reports

9.  Specify the Template name, you will notice it is now a (.xltx)

10. The Excel Template will be linked to the report as an Excel 2007 Template (*.xltx)