Direct SQL Query Tool

The Direct SQL Query tool allows direct interrogation via SQL of data within your Administrator defined Data Connections. The query tool allows only SELECT queries and {call} type queries for stored procedure execution (if supported). UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT and DDL (Data Definition Language) queries are not allowed.

  1. Launch the tool from your Administrator
  2. Click on Tools, Direct Query Tool, and then edit and execute SQL queries

  1. To execute a Query either select:

•             Query > Execute or

•             Press the F5 key

If a certain part of the Query text has been highlighted then only this portion of the query will be executed

  1. Note: that the SQL syntax from driver to driver may differ. Consult the documentation for each system for more information
  2. Query results can be displayed in the tools own query results grid or it can be rendered directly into a new Microsoft Excel Workbook. To toggle the output modes select the menu item:

•             Query > Results to grid or

•             Query > Results to Microsoft Excel

Query files can be saved and opened from the File menu