Compacting MetaData

Compacting your MetaData occasionally can result in improved system performance. Depending on your usage levels it may be desirable to do this more often.

  1. Select File
  2. Then select Compact Metadata

  1. A window will appear stating that Alchemex Smart Reporting must shut down

  1. Select Yes
  2. The Maintenance Utility will then open
  3. Select Compact SVD
  4. A Confirm message box will appear
  1. Select Yes
  2. The Alchemex Smart Reporting Maintenance Utility window will be populated with commands as it gets executed
  3. When it has completed, a message will appear, asking you to delete the backup file after verifying that Alchemex Smart Reporting is working correctly
  4. Select OK
  5. The backup file can either be deleted or kept as an additional backup