Operating System Functions in Alchemex

Operating System Functions in Alchemex

  1. The following Add-In functions for operating systems are available within Alchemex.
  2. Select a report and select show advanced options.
  3. Select the run Ad-Ins option and select Operating System Functions Module. The Add-In functions below will be available:




Use When

DeleteFiles Deletes a list of specified files You wish to delete temporary files that have been created by macros or by other reports in a report batch.
SaveBook Saves the Report Output Book to a specified location You wish to save the reports output book to a specified location.
NetSend Sends a network message to You want a network message to be sent to someone whenever the report runs.
CmdExec Runs any Operating System Command or Executable Program You want your report to launch an Operating System Command or Executable Program. Note that your report will continue to run asynchronously and the new process created will run on its own. For safety reasons this option will require that the user confirms execution of the command each time the report is run.