Generate Output File

Generating an Alchemex Report to an Output File

There may be some employees in your organization that need to view Alchemex reports, but do not need access to the Alchemex software. All Alchemex reports can be generated to a specified output file on a Server or network location. The employees can then access this specified output file and access the required reports.

How to Generate a Report to an Output File

  1. First Setup the folder you would like to generate the reports to. (Example: Reports Folder on C drive). Make sure that the specified employees have access rights to this folder




  1. Select the Report in your Report Manager you would like to generate to an output file
  2. Select Show Advanced properties of the Report
  3. Add the specified file path to the Generate Output file command in the advanced properties

(Example: C:_Reports Sales Reports.xls)

    • C = Network Location
    • _Reports = Folder Name
    • Sales Reports = Report Name
    • .xls = generation type (Excel, PDF etc.)








  1. Select Apply button to confirm changes to the Advanced Properties of the report
  2. When you run the report it will now be saved to the specified output file
  3. People who have been assigned access to the output file will now be able to access the reports