The IS IN Parameter Option

Question:  Is it possible to create a parameter that allows one to select one or multiple customers from a given list when running a report?

This will enable our debtor’s clerk to run the customer balances for select customers at run time.

Answer: Yes, by using the IS IN comparison method.

1.         Select the desired report

2.         From the properties window, select the parameters tab

3.         Click on the Add button

4.         Select the customer name or the field you would like to parameterize by.

5.         From the choose comparison method box, select IS IN









6.         Click OK

7.         Leave the resultant box empty, so that you can select the customer names at run time.

8.         Click Ok.

9.        When you run your report the parameter screen will open. Select the lookup button.






10.          The selection of Customer names will be available. Select the Customers you would like to run the report for.