Report Download Community

Report Download Community

Question: I have made several changes and customized the original Sales report that shipped with my Alchemex Software. Is there any way I can get hold off the original sales report?

Answer: Yes, you can download the standard Alchemex reports from the report download community. You will need your Alchemex software password to do this.


1. Open your Report Manager. Select Tools, and then select Alchemex Community from the drop down menu/ or select the Alchemex Community Icon from the Toolbar.







2. The Alchemex Report Community will open.

3. Select the standard report you would like to download. You will need your Alchemex password to do this.







4. The Import Report Screen will open. Select the Target Connection, and the Report Destination folder. Select Import.









5. You may get a message saying that the Container already exists. You can choose to YES use this container or NO create a new one.





6. The import Succeeded, you will find the newly imported report in the designated folder in your report manager.