Scheduling Reports and the TBSYNC (Trial Balance Sync Add in)

Question: My client is running Alchemex and I set up a scheduler command to automate the running of their reports, through Windows scheduler. The commands are included in a batch file so that the reports all run one after the other and are then saved to a location I specified.

I had to disable the addition of new accounts as the windows scheduler does not accommodate this pop-up window. Can you assist me with an expression/plugin that can be included as part of the parameters so I can include the addition of accounts automatically when reports are scheduled?

Answer:  This is easily achieved by editing the Financial Report in the report manager.


1. Show Advanced Properties in Report Manager

2. Edit the Add-in called PLPLUGA.B.TBSync2. Select OK

3. In the edit mode of this Add-in, there is an option to Run Interactive (Optional) – This must be set to “No”

4. The default for this is “Yes”, meaning that when accounts are added or deleted, the form pops up.

5. In this mode “Run Interactive (Optional) – No”, the added or deleted accounts will be added to the Lookup sheet automatically.

Note: Even though the accounts will be automatically added to the Lookup sheet, you will still need to add them to your layouts using the Add Accounts Wizard. See the tip on adding new accounts to a layout using the Alchemex Add accounts wizard.