Add Accounts

Add Accounts Wizard

The new (green) / deleted, (red), accounts will be placed below the last account displayed on the Lookup sheet when the TBSYNC add in runs. Once new/deleted accounts have been added to the Lookup sheet, you will then need to add these new accounts to the required report layouts you have included in the workbook.

 The instructions below will assist you with this process:

1. You may leave the new accounts (green shaded account numbers) exactly where they appear on the Lookup sheet.

2. Select the sheet that contains the layout to which you wish to Add the New Account.

3. From the Menu choose Report Tools > Add Accounts.

4. A list of accounts that are not in the layout should appear in the pop up window.

Follow the steps below to use the wizard.

1. Select the row in the sheet where the first new account should be inserted.

2. Use the Type drop down to filter by Account type (for Income Statement/Balance sheet) and the other filter textboxes to help locate specific accounts.

3. Check the boxes for the accounts that you wish to insert at the specified row (note you can select a different row in Excel while the Add Accounts form is active)

Press the Insert button. The accounts will be inserted at the specified row and the formulae for the rest of the row added

Note: By default, the formulas to be copied into the new row that you insert will be taken from the line above the current selection. If you are inserting the new accounts at the top of a section, the formulas in the row above will most likely not be appropriate. If this is the case, click on the “back” button of the wizard, and change the row number that is used to source the formulas.

The Add Accounts function performs these basic steps which previously had to be performed manually: –

1. Inserts a blank line at the target location

2. Copies the “Copy From Row” (by default this is the row above the insertion row) to the newly inserted row

3. Does a Find and Replace on all the Row references in the lookup sheet so that the new row references the inserted account on the lookup sheet.

The new add accounts function offers a user-friendly wizard to add new accounts to whatever schedule you wish.