Copy or Move Union Reports

If you want to move or copy a union report from one folder to another you need to export the report to an easy attainable location then import to the new folder in the Report Manager. The reason you can’t copy and paste a union report is that the sub reports then get left behind which is untidy and if changes are made to the sub reports on the original union report they will affect the copied union report.

1. Export the report as usual to an easily attainable location (Desktop or My Documents.)

2.  Once you’ve exported the report you need to import, if to a new folder right click on the new folder and select import report.

3. You need now to locate the report, where you saved it in step 1, import the report as per usual.

4. When Report Manager asks if you want specify a new filename or overwrite existing file choose yes to specify a new filename.

5. Make a slight change to the name of the template i.e. add a 2 to the filename, this is a temporary change as you will give the report a different name in the step 8.

6. When asked to specify source container choose yes to use the existing container.

7. You should end up with Report Import Successful.

8. The next Step is to rename the New Union Report, to avoid confusion. Click on the newly imported report, if you can’t find it double click the folder you imported it into and double click again, collapse and expand. This will refresh the folder and you should find the newly imported report here.

9. On the property window rename the report to a new more relevant name

Click apply.

10. You will get this screen asking Select option for Report Template you must choose Assign new name and delete template if unused by other reports (Recommended.) It is important to keep the template and report name the same to avoid confusion.