How to enter data in a range without scrolling horizontally by using the Data Entry Form

A data form provides a convenient means to enter or display information in a range or list without scrolling horizontally. A data form can make data entry easier than typing across the columns when you have a wide range with more columns than will fit on the screen at one time. A data form simply lists column fields and doesn’t cater for custom form features.

A data form can be created to enter data from scratch like in the example below. To add a data form to an already existing data list select any cell within the list and apply the instructions given below. You can download the workbook to practice here.

Applies To: MS Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

1. Enter the list headings into your spreadsheet as per screen shot below


2. Select any cell below the list headings E.g. B2.

3. Press ALT + D then press the letter O twice (while you are still holding on to ALT + D)

4. The screen shot below will be displayed.


5. Select OK.

6.  The following data form will be displayed.









7. To enter your first record refer to the screen shot below. Use the tab key or mouse to move from one text box to the next.










8. To capture the second record select the New button or press enter.

9. The first record will be appended to the spread sheet as displayed below.


10. To close the form; select the Close button or X.

11. The function of the other control buttons are explained below

Delete: Deletes the active record

Restore: Will undo any changes made to the active record

Find Next / Find Prev: To find rows that match the criteria

Criteria: Retrieving data that meets a set criteria