Sharing Slicers Between PivotTables

When you have many different PivotTables in one report, such as a Business Intelligence (BI) report that you are working with, it is likely that you will want to apply the same filter to some or all of those PivotTables. You can share a slicer that you created in one PivotTable with other PivotTables. No need to duplicate the filter for each PivotTable!

For example, if you use a Region slicer in PivotTable2 to filter data for a specific Region, PivotTable1 that also uses that slicer will display data for the same Region.

 Applies To: MS Excel 2010

 1.  This tip will be based on the screen shot below

2.  To create the first PivotTable select  as below

3.  Select Ok

4.  Drag and place the Sales Person and Product Sales fields under the Row Labels and Values areas respectively

5.  Select the source worksheet and repeat steps 2 & 3

6.  Drag and place the Product Name and Product Sales fields under the Row Labels and Values areas respectively

7.  Select any cell within PivotTable2

8.  Select Insert – Slicer under the Filter group

9.  Select the Region field

10.  Select Ok

11.  Right Click on the Region Slicer and select PivotTable Connections

12.  Ensure that both PivotTable1 & PivotTable2 are selected

13.  Select OK

14.  Select East Coast from the Region Slicer. Only data for the East Coast will be displayed on both PivotTables



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