Nesting the IF and the AND functions

Are you planning on calculating commission for the sales staff, but the thought of creating a spreadsheet with complex formulae scares you. We have a solution for you, by nesting the IF and the AND functions one can ensure that the set conditions are met before commission is paid out. Below we explain how commission can only be paid out once the following conditions are satisfied.

  • Actual Sales is greater than or equal to Target Sales
  • Employee falls under the Comm structure 

 Applies To: Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 

  1. The screen shot above will be used for this example
  2. Select cell F4 
  3. Select as per screen shot below

4.   Enter formulae as given below

5.   Select OK

6.   Copy the formula in cell F4 down to cells F5:F15

7.   Select cell F16 and type =Sum (F4:F15).  The final answer will be as per screen below



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