Show Pivot Report Filter Pages

You have taken time to create a product sales PivotTable and placed the branch field in the report filter area, product name in the row area and product sales in the values areas. However you want to analyse sales per branch by quickly generating PivotTables for each branch to be placed on separate worksheets. You are wondering whether this can be done in easy steps. Well nothing to worry about – just follow the steps below as we show you how this process can be easily automated.

Applies To: Excel 2007 and 2010

  1. We shall use the product sales list to illustrate our example

2.  Select any cell within the data list

3.  Select InsertPivotTable

4.  Select OK

5.  An empty PivotTable will open on a new worksheet. Refer to the PivotTable field list and place the fields as follows

a. Branch                          Report Filter Area

b.  Product Name                Row Labels Area

c.  Product Sales                 Values Area

6.  Your PivotTable  will now appear as follow:

  • Note: Branch in the Report Filter

7.  You now want to display the Branch details on individual worksheets

8.  Go to the PivotTools Options Tab, select Show Report Filter Pages. Select OK 

The individual Branch details will be displayed on separate worksheets

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