Creating the Slicer connection to a second PivotTable

Question:     Can you connect a slicer to more than 1 PivotTable?

Answer:        Yes, by using the Slicers connection functionality. If you have created 2 PivotTables and you have created a slicer off the PivoTable1, you can connect the same slicer to use Filter on the PivotTable2.

Applies:        Excel 2010


  1. Select a cell in the second PivotTable
  2. On the Excel Ribbon’s Options tab, click Insert Slicer
  3. Click Slicer Connections
4.  In the Slicer Connections window, add a check mark the slicer to Connect to PivotTable2

Both PivotTables are now connected to the Slicer. If you select an item in a slicer, both PivotTables will be filtered. For example, in the Warehouse slicer below, Central is selected, and both PivotTables show only the Central Warehouse related data.

Before Filter:

After Filter (Central Warehouse)