Keyboard Shortcuts to Access the Ribbon Programs

Question:     How do I access any ribbon command in a few keystrokes?

Answer:      By using access keys: Access keys provide a way to quickly use a command by pressing a few keystrokes, no matter where you are in the program. Every command in a program that uses an Office Fluent ribbon can be accessed by using an access key. You can get to most commands by using two to four keystrokes

Why:            To access any ribbon command in a few keystrokes

Applies To:   Excel 2007, and 2010

1. Press and release the ALT key

The KeyTips are displayed over each feature that is available in the current view



2. To apply conditional formatting using access keys; Refer to the data below








3. Select  C2:C18

4. Press the ALT key

5. Press  H

6. Press L

7. Press H

8. Press G

9. Enter as below




10. Press the Enter Key

11. The result will be as below