Two Chart Types

Question:     Is it possible to combine two or more chart types in a chart?

Answer:        Yes


Why:            To display the results of different sets of data in one graph               


Applies To: Excel 2010, 2007, 2003:


1.         Refer to the data given below









2.         Select any cell within the data range

3.         Select as below







4.         The following chart will be displayed









5.         To insert the heading select the chart and select as below





6.         Select the average price bars in the chart and as below







7.         Two charts (line and column will be displayed)

8.         Right select the line graph and select as below









9.         Select Secondary axis and then the close button


10.       The following chart will be displayed









Two graphs with separate axis have been combined in one chart. Therefore one can easily interpret the different sets of data in the chart.