The Right Function

The Right Function

Question: I usually import data from our accounts system into Excel for further analysis. The difficulty I face is that the names are combined with the initials. However I would like to analyze the data based on the initials. Is there a formula one can type so as to extract the initials quickly, given that the initials appear on the right side of the names?

Answer: Yes, by using the right function one can extract the specified number of characters from the right.

Why: To quickly extract the initials in order to analyze the data properly.

Applies To: (Excel 2010, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP, Excel 2000)

  1. Enter data as given in the example below

2.         To extract the initials from the right select D3 and type =Right (C3,1) and press enter.

3.         Copy the formula down and the screen below will be displayed.


As can be seen above the initials have been extracted from the right hence one can analyze the data further based on the initials.