Filling Data Across Worksheets

Question: I have a workbook that I use for budgeting and need to paste the same data into many of the worksheets. Is there a quicker way of doing this than the usual copy & paste?

Answer: Yes, with the FILL ACROSS WORKSHEETS option.

Why:  To fill data in many worksheets simultaneously

Process (Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010):

 1. Insert a new worksheet

2. Enter the data given below on the first worksheet

3. Rename sheet 1 to North, sheet 2 to South, sheet 3 to East and sheet 4 to West

4. Highlight B1:G9 on the North worksheet

5. Right click on the North worksheet tab and choose select all sheets

6. On the home ribbon under the editing group ,click on the fill option and select across worksheets(Excel 2007&2010)


7. For Excel 2003 click on the edit menu, fill ,and across worksheets

8. Click ok

9. Right click on one of the worksheet tabs and select ungroup sheets

10. The budget template will be filled across all the worksheets