Using Goal Seek

 Question: Can I find the result I want by adjusting the input value?


Answer: Yes, with the GOAL SEEK What IF analysis Tool


Process (Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010):

Goal Seek is a powerful what if analysis tool which takes a result and determines possible input values that produce that result. For instance, if you want a new net salary of $1000 from $935; that can be achieved by adjusting the basic salary.

The Goal seek function only accepts one variable and a formula must be entered to achieve the desired results.

1. Enter the data as given below

2. In cell B4 type  =10%*B3 and press enter

3. In cell B5 type  =B3 + B4 and press enter

4. In cell B6 type =15%*B5 and press enter

5. In cell B7 type B5 – B6 and press enter

6. You will get the results displayed below.

7. Select Data, What If analysis, Goal seek

8. Enter the values as follows; Set Cell $B$7, To value 1000, By changing cell $B$3 and click OK twice.

9. The net salary will be $1000 and the basic salary will be adjusted to $1069.52