Printing a Range of Pages

Question: How do I specify what rows or pages I would like printed in Excel?


Answer: By using Excel’s Print options


Process (Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010):


Excel allows you to print a selection of cells, a selection or pages from a particular worksheet, or the entire workbook. Here’s how it can be done.


Excel 2003 and 2007

1. Press Ctrl+P. This will bring up the Print dialogue box. The Print Range area allows you to specify which pages from this sheet you would like printed


 2. The Print What area allows you to specify whether you’d like to print the currently selected cells or rows only, the active sheet or all sheets in the entire workbook



Excel 2010

1. Press Ctrl+P. This will take you to the Print Options page, which can also be accessed by clicking on File… then Print.

 2. Under the Settings option, you can select the number of pages to be printed from the current sheet.

3. Click the Drop Down arrow on the Print Active Sheet option. This will display the options to select only the currently selected cells, the active sheet or the entire workbook.