Go To Blanks

Question: I would like to see which cells are blank in a column of data, and I don’t want to resort the the column. Is there a quick way that I could do this?


Answer: Yes, using the ‘Go To Special…’ option


Process (Excel 2003, 2007, 2010):


In this example, we have some basic sales information, but a number of cells in the Unit Price column are blank. If there is a lot of the information in the sheet, say 10,000 rows, it can be tiresome to scroll through and find each individual cell that’s blank. There are a number of options available, such as sorting the data (which will put all of the rows with blank Unit Price cells at the bottom of the list), but the simplest thing would be to use the ‘Go To Special…’ option.



1. Select column E.



2. Press Ctrl + G. This will bring up the ‘Go To Special…’ window. Click on the ‘Special…’ button.



3. Select the ‘Blanks’ option and click ‘OK’.


All blank cells in the column are now selected. You can now fill all the cells with a colour, such as bright red, to make it easier to identify them when scrolling through the data.