5 Reasons why small and midsized businesses trust Sage Intelligence

In today’s competitive business environment, small business owners and mid-sized business managers need to dedicate their skills to managing their businesses, and not sifting through endless reports trying to make sense of heaps of information. A snapshot view of your business is critical in a business environment when there is so much valuable information floating about. Not to use this information would be a great waste of the insight it offers for business growth. But, how do you harness it? Well, this is where Sage Intelligence can help!

Sage Intelligence provides very neat and efficient snapshot views with no fuss at all. It delivers key information on-demand in a familiar format, Microsoft® Excel®. This eliminates the tedious task of manual report preparation and working through repetitive data.  With Excel being the front end for all reports, you can use your existing knowledge to manipulate your data even more. And it’s done on a scale that is tailor-made for small and mid-sized businesses.

As more small and midsized businesses recognize the need to invest in tools to analyze their data, what makes Sage Intelligence the obvious choice? Here’s why.

Reason 1: Developed with small and midsized businesses in mind

Sage Intelligence was designed from scratch to cater specifically for the needs of small and midsized businesses; they were not an afterthought harvested from complex and expensive data analyzing products.

a. Licensing is tiered to cater for basic and very small businesses, graduating up to more advanced midsized businesses.

b. If you’ve been struggling with departmental reporting, GL segmentation, project reporting, etc., you’re not alone. The world over, smaller businesses face serious challenges with financial reporting. Sage Intelligence addresses these challenges. Check out this e-book for a little more insight into small businesses, and how Sage Intelligence is the go-to solution to make sense of your business’s numbers.

c. Many small and midsized companies envy large corporate’s ability to create consolidated reports from multiple sources. Enter Sage Intelligence—which gives SMBs large corporate advantages on a more appropriate scale.

Reason 2: Ready-to-use Microsoft Excel report templates

With its familiar Excel interface and powerful ready-to-use sets of Excel reports, Sage Intelligence is so easy to use that you could be up and running immediately.

Sage Intelligence is integrated to provide out-of-the-box report templates that draw real-time data directly from the source data residing in your accounting, business management and/or payroll packages, and delivers it automatically in the familiar interface of Excel. You can choose from a number of different layouts, meaning you don’t necessarily need to know how to write reports or how the data is structured to understand the value of the reports. You can also easily customize, manipulate and distribute your reports in Excel.

As your business evolves and grows, so too do your reporting needs. We understand that it’s not always realistic to wait for the next Sage Intelligence update to get your hands on the reports that you need, when you need them. You may also not have the time to create a custom report that you need from scratch. It is because of this that Sage Intelligence is continually adding to a library of additional reports, created according to our customer feedback, available for you to access on an on-going basis.

Our software takes you directly to the information you most need, i.e., financial reports (income/profit & loss statement, balance sheet), trend analyses, management dashboards and operational reports, plus it gives you the ability to quickly drill down to transactional details.

Reason 3: Affordable and scalable

Sage Intelligence is affordable and scalable. To ensure appropriate pricing for different levels, we’ve set up our offering as a series of incremental modules, allowing you to cherry-pick what you need as your budget allows.

It offers the best of both worlds: you can choose fixed format reporting, such as monthly financial statements and board packs, or on-the-fly analyses for evaluating sales trends or inventory.

Reason 4: Proven track record

Sage Intelligence has a proven track record with market leading vendors of accounting/BMS and payroll software in delivering integrated Business Intelligence data analyzing and reporting tools to small and medium businesses. As an established brand, with 13 years’ experience in providing easy-to-use business reporting tools and servicing more than 25 000 customers, we have maintained a 90% renewal rate and an expanding global presence.

Don’t take our word for it though, hear from our customers who can’t stop raving about how Sage Intelligence Reporting has changed their lives. You might even find a solution in their story to a similar issue you’re facing.

Reason 5: Integrated with market-leading BMS software

Sage Intelligence is developed by a team based in Durban, South Africa, and is available for 18 Sage on-premise and cloud products in the International, UKI and North American regions, servicing 120,000 Sage customers. For desktop products, there’s a desktop solution—Sage Intelligence Reporting, and for cloud products or “connected services”, there is a cloud solution—Sage Intelligence. It was developed with Sage software in mind, to make integration easy for our customers. This means there are no technological hurdles around installation and support. It leverages your existing software investment, ensures the module is priced appropriately for the market and allows for widespread adoption.

In conclusion, Sage Intelligence empowers you to quickly and easily obtain information required for improved operations and reporting across your entire business. Using the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Excel, you can quickly and effectively analyze data from your business management solution. You’re able to effortlessly create real-time, automated, and preformatted reports
with up-to-date, accurate, and meaningful information. This smart reporting solution allows you to spend more time focusing on analysis and interpretation, and less time pulling the data together—which is an advantage to any business owner in today’s competitive business environment.