Why Mid-Sized Businesses should invest in an integrated Excel-based Business Intelligence solution: Reason No. 3

Reason 3: Get immediate ROI

Typically the barriers to adoption of BI are cost and complexity. An integrated BI solution makes deployment rapid without any IT hurdles, allowing for an immediate return on investment. Because it is a module of your existing accounting package, no new relationships or extensive IT investments are required. It can seamlessly draw trusted data directly from the database of your business management and accounting system and deliver it automatically into the tool you are already compiling static reports in today, Microsoft Excel, making it very easy to adopt. You don’t have to be a programmer to get the data and you don’t need to be an accountant to interpret the data. A familiar Excel environment can utilize existing skills, making it simple to obtain, share and distribute information.

Integrated, Excel-based solutions make BI simple and affordable from the outset. A number of BI solutions ship with ready-to-use Excel report templates which provide immediate insight. And increased visibility into your business will improve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and ramp up productivity, giving you a rapid return on investment and helping you realize your strategic vision.