Get a handle on your Sales Flash Report and the AVERAGEIF Function

SageOne-Website-eBookWould you like to keep track of your most important sales indicators in no time at all?  If so, why not check out the free Sales Flash Report provided through the Sage Intelligence Report Utility.  This report gives you a quick view of your Sales over a particular day or period and includes measures like highest, lowest and average sale values, top customers, products and reps.  There are also a number of other Sales reports available which might be of value to you.  If you’re not already using the Utility, then you can get hold of it here.

In addition to this, one of the functions used in the Flash report is Microsoft Excel’s AVERAGEIF.  So for this week’s tip, we’ve provided a demonstration on it through a video, showing how it works and how you can use it in your reporting going forward.  You can find it here.




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