Understanding the additional options of the ZeroingII Add-in when using Sage Intelligence

The ZeroingII add-in is used to hide rows in a report where the values in a particular column meet certain criteria (normally they equal to zero).  It’s added to a report using the Run Add-in field under the report’s properties in the Report Manager and is performed when the report is run out.  It’s useful when you want to hide rows while still having all your data transferred into the workbook.  It doesn’t only allow you to hide zero rows but has a number of additional filters that let you hide them in unique ways.

In this tip we’ll show the filters and provide an explanation for it.  In addition we’ll also show you how to load the Add-in.


Note: When using the add-in it’s a good idea to click Fill in Defaults first and then make the necessary changes.  This will eliminate errors as a result of empty fields.


Follow these steps to load the Add-in:

1. In the Report Manager, select the Report you want to use the Add-in with.

2. Click Show Advanced under the Properties to show the extended options.

3. Click the ellipses button next to the Run Add-ins field. The Choose Add-in dialogue will appear.


4. Under Select Add-in Library choose Alchemex Add-in 1.

5. For the Module select General Excel Extensions Module.

6. For the Function select ZeroingII. Then click OK.


The Add-in will appear.  Click on the bottom border and drag your mouse down to expand it, showing all the options.  You can now start making your selections to hide the rows your want.