Our top 5 Sage Intelligence tips shared in 2015

In 2015, we shared a total of 24 Sage Intelligence Reporting tips with you. We’ve reflected on which ones were the most popular rounded up the top 5 tips. The top 5 tips are based on how many times they were viewed by our subscribers throughout the year.

1. Introducing the new Sage Intelligence Report Utility

The Report Utility is the latest reporting innovation from Sage Intelligence and makes accessing our free reports a whole lot easier.  By installing the Report Utility on the machine you run Sage Intelligence Reporting from, you are provided with numerous free reports that are available for your solution. You can then select the ones you want and have them automatically imported into your Report Manager.

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2. Learn what to do if your Task Pane goes missing when using the Report Designer

The Task Pane and BI Tools have become two of the most leading features of Sage Intelligence Reporting. Now imagine the feeling of opening your reports, only to find that they are not there! In today’s tip, we show you what to do if your Task Pane goes missing.

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3. Overcome these errors when using a Multi-select Lookup Type with a Pass Through variable

Although standard Expressions and Pass Through Variables include some of the same lookup types, the Pass Through variable also has a Multi-select option.  This allows you to select more than one item at a time to filter your reports when they are run out. However, problems can arise when using it.  In this tip, we look at what these problems are and how you can work around them.

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4. How to hide zero rows using Excel functionality

Do your financial and operational reports include rows with zero values? Do you feel that your reports would be neater and more readable if you could hide these rows? Because Sage Intelligence Reporting uses Microsoft® Excel®, you can easily remove these rows. In this tip, we show you how using Macros.

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5. How to create a rolling income statement using budgets and forecasts in a single layout

In this tip, we show you how to create a rolling income statement that combines actuals, budgets and forecasts in one single layout.

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Whether your business is small and growing or it’s an established mid-sized organization, Sage Intelligence Reporting can help you succeed. Learn how to make the most of Sage Intelligence Reporting by visiting the resources available on our website.