Adding a Parameters sheet to the Report Designer

If you’re familiar with Sage Intelligence, you will know that the Report Manager allows you to include certain parameters on sheet two of a report. These parameters provide useful information which you can add to your layouts, for example Run Date and Report Name.


By default, the Financial Report Designer doesn’t include a parameters sheet. To include one, follow the steps below. In this example we’ve used Sage Pastel Version 14 Intelligence Reporting, however the following steps can be performed in any of the below-mentioned products:

  • Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2015.1 Intelligence Reporting
  • Sage Evolution Version 7 Intelligence Reporting
  • Sage Pastel Version 14 Intelligence Reporting
  • Sage 300 ERP 2014 Intelligence Reporting
  • Upcoming releases of Sage Intelligence Reporting
  1. Add a Parameters sheet to the Report Designer template

a. Make a copy of the Report Designer and run it out.

b. Unhide all the hidden sheets in the workbook by right-clicking on an existing tab and selecting.


c. Add a new sheet to the workbook and move it between the first and second tab. (I have named this sheet ‘Parameters’ and this is where all the parameters for the report will to placed).


d. Hide the sheets again (excluding the Home sheet) by right clicking on the sheet names and selecting Hide. Leave the workbook open and return to the Report Manager.

  1. Save the template back to the Report Designer:

a. In the Report Manager, select the report that you ran out.

b. Click the Save Excel Template.


c. Select the workbook you edited in the Select Workbook to Convert to Template window and click OK.

d. Click the OK button in the Specify Template Name window if you have named the template appropriately.

e. Once the report has been saved you will get a Completed Successfully Click OK to close it.


  1. Shift the Output Sheet number of the Report Designer sub reports:

a. In the Report Manager, select your report and click on the Union Sub Reports.

b. Right click on the Report Designer – Financial Category sub report which has Output Sheet 2 and select Properties from the menu.


c. Change the Output Sheet number to 3 and click OK.


d. Repeat this for all other sub reports in the list, i.e. (excluding the first sub report) increase the Output Sheet number of each report by one. Once complete, the reports should look as follows:



  1. Add the Parameters sheet to the Report Designer report:

a. Click on the Properties

b. Tick the Parameters on Second Sheet tick box.

c. Then click the Apply button in the Properties window.


Now when you run out your report, the report parameters will be placed on the sheet that you added (the second sheet) and all other sub reports will be created from sheet 3 onwards. To view the parameters, unhide the sheet that you added. You can now use this information in your report layouts.