Viewing your report calculations as a percentage using the Layout Generator

In the past few weeks we’ve focused our tips on the Layout Generator Calculator which can be found in the Report Designer. Staying on the same topic, we want to share another great feature of the calculator today; the set % option. If you want to view your percentage based calculations as a percentage, rather than a fraction, this is the feature to use. To show you how to use it, we’ll add a Gross Profit Margin calculation to an Actual versus Prior Income Statement layout and use the set % option to display the calculation as a percentage.

This tip applies to:

  • Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2015 Intelligence Reporting
  • Sage Evolution Version 7 Intelligence Reporting
  • Sage Pastel Partner Version 14 Intelligence Reporting
  • Sage 300 ERP 2014 Intelligence Reporting

The set % option can be found on the Calculator when creating either a row or column calculation.
If you missed our tip on how to create custom calculations, take a look here: Creating Custom Calculations in the Layout Generator.

To create a Gross Profit Margin calculation and add it your layout, follow these steps:

1.      Access the Calculator for row calculations by selecting the rows tab in the Layout Generator and then selecting Add Calculation.







2.      Create a calculation for Gross Profit Margin which is Gross Profit divided by Total Sales. We are using an existing calculation for Gross Profit.
3.      Select the set % option on the Calculator.











4.      Save the calculation, giving it an appropriate name like Gross Profit Margin.






5.      Add the calculation to your report by clicking on the calculation row in the rows tab.







6.      View your results by generating the layout. You can see that the Gross Profit Margin values are shown as percentages.






The set % option in the Layout Generator Calculator of the Report Designer provides you with a convenient way to show your financial ratios as percentages. In our next tip we will look at the ExtendFormulaetoUsedRows Add-In in the Report Manager and show you how you can use it to automatically extend any formulas you add to your source data.