How to launch Sage Intelligence outside of Sage 100 ERP 2014

Want to start running your reports quickly? This tip will show you how to create a shortcut so that you can open Sage Intelligence immediately, not having to go open the Sage 100 ERP first.

As of version 2014, Sage Intelligence Reporting is accessible from the Sage 100 ERP Modules Menu toolbar and Tasks tab; however, you can also run the program outside of Sage 100 ERP.

To do this, create shortcuts for the different Sage Intelligence Reporting menu items.

To create Sage Intelligence Reporting desktop shortcuts:

1. Right-click the Windows Desktop, click New, Shortcut

2. In the Create Shortcut window, in the Item location field enter or browse to the path to the BISignOn.exe file followed by the parameter for the specific Sage Intelligence Reporting menu item.(see table below)

3. The table below lists the shortcut parameter that you must append to the item location to create each shortcut. Note: There is a space before shortcut parameter








  • The BISignOn.exe file is located in the Intelligence folder within the Sage 100 ERP installation folder.
  • If you installed Sage Intelligence Reporting using the Sage 100 Standard ERP Workstation Setup program, the location will always be: C:Program Files(x86)SagelntelligenceBISign0n.exe
  • Otherwise, the location will vary depending on where you installed Sage 100 ERP, and the BISignOn.exe file will always be located in the ..MAS90Homelntelligence folder.