How to Schedule a Report Run Using the Report Manager and Windows Task Scheduler

It’s time to stop manually distributing your reports and start saving time by scheduling your reports to automatically distribute themselves.  In this tip, we’ll show you how to quickly set up your automatic report distribution with your existing Sage Intelligence Report Manager and your Windows Task Scheduler.

This process is made up of 3 easy steps:

1.      Decide where you’re going to save your report.
2.      Create the Scheduler Command.
3.      Set up the Windows Scheduler Task.

It’s important to remember that the workstation where you create the scheduled task, must be turned ON at the scheduled time.

Also, when using the Task Scheduler your user name must be a valid account on the domain or your local machine, with sufficient privileges to run the reports. You must also have sufficient permissions to access all the necessary resources to run the reports.

Decide where you’re going to save your report

  1. In the Report Manager window select the report you’re going to distribute.
  2. Then, in the Properties window, tick the Show Advanced box found at the bottom of the window.
  3. Click the Generate Output File ellipsis button and browse to the location you want the report to be saved to when runs out.





Create the Scheduler Command

1. From the Object window, right-click on your report, then select Generate Scheduler Command.
















2. If the report expects parameters you will be prompted to enter them before continuing.

When you’re done, a message box displays and you’ll see that it shows the syntax for running the report. Don’t worry about trying to copy the syntax from this message, because it has been simultaneously placed in the Windows clipboard, so that you can paste it into the Scheduler Task Command field.









Set up the Windows Scheduler Task

1. Next, open the Windows Task Scheduler.

2. From the Action drop down menu, select Create Task.



The Create Task window displays.


3. In the Name field, give your task a meaningful name. For example, Current Period Income Statement.

4. Then click on the Triggers tab and select New.



5. You can schedule your report run on a specific day, at a specific time and you can also set it to stop running on a specific day. Go through the options and find the ones that would best suit your needs.











6. Now click on the Actions tab and select New

7. In the Program/script field, paste the command from your clipboard and then select OK.



8. Click Yes to confirm and continue.









9. Now click on the Settings tab and set up your Task Schedule options.



10. Then click OK.

11. The report you chose to run via the schedule will now appear as an Active Task in Task Scheduler.