Sharing Sage Intelligence Reports in the Cloud

Applies to the latest versions of:
Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting
Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting
Sage 500 ERP Intelligence Reporting
Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting for Sage ERP X3
Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting
Sage VIP Payroll Intelligence Reporting
Sage 50 U.S. Intelligence Reporting
Sage 50 Canadian Intelligence Reporting

The Distribution option available with Sage Intelligence Reporting gives you the ability to share reports in the cloud or to published folders.  This is particularly useful for those users who are required to analyze the reports but do not have access to the ERP or Accounting software.

To access Distribution Instructions, do the following:

1. Run a report from the Sage Intelligence Report Manager to Microsoft® Excel®.

2. Select the BI Tools tab in Excel.





3. Select Manage Instructions.

4. From the Manage Distribution Instructions window, you can now Add, Edit, Delete or Rename your Instructions.







Adding Distribution Instructions

1. From the Manage Distribution Instructions window, select Add.

2. Enter a Distribution Instruction name. For example, Distribution 1








3. You will be presented with a window which has three distribution methods, namely Email, File Publish and FTP.

4. Select the File Publish tab.

5. Select the Enable File Publish box.






6. Select the Browse button to locate the folder (Dropbox or SkyDrive) where you would like the reports to be saved to and select the OK button.







7. Type in the file name you would like to save your report to and select the format you would like the report to be saved in.







8. For the Excel and HTML format, you will have the option to save each worksheet as separate documents. Select the box to apply the option.



9. Select OK.


Linking the Distribution Instructions to a Report

1. Click Select Instructions in the Distribution group on the Ribbon.




2. On the left you will see all the instructions you have previously set up.  On the right are all the worksheets available in the current Excel report you have run out from the Sage Intelligence Report Manager.

3. Select the instruction from the left that you would like to apply and select the right arrow button.

4. Select the boxes next to the worksheets you would like to include in your distribution instruction, then select OK.










Running the Distribution Instruction

Once the Distribution Instructions have been selected for a report, you can execute the instructions by selecting the Send Now button.

To locate the Send Now button, do the following:

1. Select the BI Tools tab.





2. Select Send Now.




3. The Distribution Instructions will then be validated.  If there are any errors, these will be displayed; thereafter the Distribution Instructions will be executed.





4. Go to the specified folder in the cloud (in our example this is Dropbox) and open the folder to confirm that the report has been saved to the folder.