Sage Intelligence: Report Timeouts

There are various types of Timeouts that can occur during data extraction phase of a report generation. The three most common that can affect the execution of a report and troubleshooting options are described below:

Connection Timeout – This occurs when Sage Intelligence cannot connect to the Database System in good time. By default Sage Intelligence will try to connect for 30 seconds. If there is no response from the Database System then a connection timeout error will occur. To increase this threshold add (or modify) the Key SQLConnectTimeout to the [Publisher] section of the ALCHEMEX.INI file, for example, to increase it to 60 seconds add this key to the Publisher Section:


NOTE: Setting this value affects all Sage Intelligence connections. Setting this value to 0 (zero) will cause Sage Intelligence to wait indefinitely for connections to be established.

Query Execution Timeout – This occurs when Sage Intelligence cannot execute a SQL statement against the database system in good time. For some database systems this execution timeout is configured within the database system. It is sometimes referred to as a Query Governor Limit and is usually configured to prevent long running queries from monopolizing the database system. Either of the following techniques can be used to address the problem. Configure a timeout threshold at the container level in the Connector. You will need to do this for all containers that are being used in reports that are experiencing execution timeouts. See the advanced property Timeout Enquiries After (Seconds) of the container. If a Query Governor Limit (or equivalent configuration option) is available in your database system then arrange with your database administrator (DBA) to configure this value.




Wait Lock Timeout – These timeouts occur when a query is waiting for another process to release a locked record in a table. Records usually get locked when they are being updated (or edited) in a system. These timeouts cannot usually be avoided by the database system you are using may provide setting for minimizing occurrences of Wait Lock Timeouts.

NOTE: The underlying database system configuration may override the available Sage Intelligence timeout settings. If this is the case and you continue to experience timeout problems then please refer the problem to your DBA.