Distribution Settings

Email is the most popular distribution channel.  By default, your Microsoft Outlook profile settings will be used by Sage Intelligence to send emailed reports automatically, however, if this is not preferable, or you do not have Microsoft Outlook installed, an Exchange or SMTP Server may be specified.  These details will have to be obtained by your network administrator.

The SMTP / Exchange Server option is recommended for an unattended distribution, as the Use My Outlook Profile option requires Outlook to be open at the time of distribution.


Manage Instructions

Accessing Distribution Instructions

Distribution Instructions save time by sending reports, along with pertinent information, automatically to the right person/people using the chosen electronic method.  Use the Manage Distribution Instructions to set up different instructions for each report that requires a unique distribution method, i.e. distributed to different people or via different methods e.g., Email, FTP, or Saved to a folder.

Complete the following steps to Manage Distribution Instructions.

  1. Run a report from the Sage Intelligence Report Manager to Microsoft Excel
  2. Click the BI Tools Tab


3.  Click Manage Instructions

4.  From the Manage Distribution Instructions window, you can now Add, Edit, Delete, or Rename your Instructions


Add Distribution Instructions

Complete the following steps to add a Distribution Instruction.

  1. From the Manage Distribution Instructions window, select Add


2.  Enter a Distribution Instruction Name


3.  You will be presented with a window that has three distribution methods, namely Email, File Publish and FTP


4.  By default, the methods are disabled.  You may enable one or multiple options by selecting the Enable box/es


Add FTP Instruction

In order to FTP a report to a specified location, the FTP option can be enabled.

Complete the following steps to add an FTP Distribution Instruction.

  1. Select the FTP tab
  2. Select the Enable FTP box


3.  The server information can be obtained from your IT administrator as well as the logon information

4.  Specify a file name you would like the report to be saved to

5.  Specify the format you would like the report to be saved in

6.  For the Excel and MHMTL format, you will have the option to save each worksheet as separate documents.  Select the box to apply the option



7.  Click OK

tip10 NOTE:  At time of publication the Distribution options were not available in Sage 50 U.S. Edition Business Intelligence