Protecting the Output Book

When using Sage Intelligence, it might be necessary to protect the Microsoft Excel file from being edited by unauthorized persons.

In Sage Intelligence Report Manager, select the relevant report

  1. Under Properties, select Show Advanced
  2. Select Protect The Output Book
  3. Select Apply

4.  As soon as it is applied, a field called Output Book Protection Password (randomly selected if blank) will become available, we recommend that you enter your own password into this field so that you are able to unprotect the output book at a later stage if required

5.  Insert a password, taking note that this field is case sensitive

6.  Run the report as normal

7.  Notice that no changes can be made to the Microsoft Excel workbook

When you have protected the Microsoft Excel workbook the following occurs:

8.  When attempting to edit anything on the sheet, the below message will appear:

This applies to data input and formatting changes

9.  The only available worksheet right-click options are View Code, Unprotect Sheet and Select All Sheets

10.  To unprotect the sheet, select the sheet and then select Unprotect Sheet

11.  The following screen will open:

12.  Insert the password and select OK

The worksheet is now unprotected and can be edited