Copying, Pasting and Renaming Reports

You can copy and paste a report, at any stage, in the Report Manager.  These functions are useful in Sage Intelligence Reporting because all the Master reports are locked and you need to make a copy of these master reports. Use the copy, paste and renaming methods to create new reports from an existing report and therefore not corrupt the master report.


To create a new report from an existing report

  1. Launch Sage Intelligence Report Manager
  2. Right-click on the report you want to make a copy of; e.g. Sales Analysis
  3. Select Copy, to copy that report to the Clipboard OR
  4. Click on the Copy icon in the menu bar

5.  Now paste the copied report into a folder

6.  Select a folder. You can choose the same folder that contains the original report or a different folder

7.  Right-click on the selected folder and select Paste 8.  Rename the newly copied report. By default, the report’s name is Copy of <report name>

Note: You can use the short-cut keys, Ctrl+C to copy the report, and Ctrl+V to paste instead of using the menus. Right-click on the report and select Rename to give the report a different name.  You now have an exact duplicate of the original report that will obtain its data from the same place, and deliver it in the same format, until you make any changes to this new report.