Sage Intelligence for Accounting

Feature Updates

Release: May 2018

Introducing interactive dashboard reports to Sage Intelligence for Accounting!

Sage Intelligence have introduced five interactive dashboard reports to Sage Business Cloud Accounting that will give you regular insights into your business’s key performance indicators. With these improved reports, you’ll be empowered with the ability to drill down into the detail of your information so that you can make faster decisions and act more decisively. Click on the report below that you want to find out more information on, and discover the incredible impact it will have on your business:

  1. Understand your customers with a Sales Trend Analysis report.
  2. Get a picture of your business’s health with the Financial Hygiene Dashboard.
  3. Collect your cash with the Analysis of Aged Debtors report.
  4. Track your creditors with the Analysis of Aged Creditors report.
  5. Know your numbers with the Business Snapshot Dashboard.
You can also get a complete overview of how these interactive visuals will change the way you view and understand your information by watching this quick video.

Additional flexibility to Add a Set of Rows

Adding a set of rows has received a major face-lift. It’s been designed with a new look and feel that’s accompanied with great functionality. Included functionality:

  • Adding rows at an Account, Account Category or Category Group level
  • The ability to select and remove multiple rows
  • Sorting and filtering capabilities.

To view the detailed release notes for this month’s major update, click here.

Release: December 2017

In our journey to delivering a dynamic online reporting solution, we’ve designed a number of new features which are now available to you.
  • A fresh new User Interface – Take a look at this video to view these exciting updates, which include:
    • A clear distinction between standard and customer reports
    • Ability to create and organise your customised reports into folders
    • Personalise the name and description of your custom reports
    • All your great help resources found on the easily accessible help icon, helping you get started quickly
  • Ability to export to PDF, or download your report to Excel (retaining your formatting)
  • Additional customisation functionality
  • Additional functionality added to the Sage Intelligence calculator
Remember, you can enjoy these and other great Sage Intelligence for Accounting features at no additional cost.
For more information on this release, take a look at the release notes

Feature Update

Release: September 2017

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made eight major improvements to Sage Intelligence for Accounting that will make using the reporting solution easier! What to look out for? Standard Reports page Here you’ll find the ready-to-use reports that ship with Sage Intelligence.   Reporting options button This button will make it quick and easy to create reports and folders.
  My Reports page Your copied, customized or imported reports will be saved here.
  Re-naming reports Custom reports can be renamed to a preferred name with a few clicks.   Adding descriptions You can add descriptions to new, customised and imported reports to clarify the output of each report.
  Save reports to folders When saving a new, copied, or imported report, you’ll be able to select which folder you want to save them to.   Grouped Help resources All Help resources have been logically grouped together in one easy-to-access place.
  Export to PDF In addition to “downloading” reports to Excel, you’ll be able to export them to PDF as well.

Feature Update

Release: April 2017

In our journey to delivering a dynamic online reporting solution, we’ve designed four new reporting features, which are now available to you: Dashboards Get a visual representation of your financial and sales information. An example is seeing how much of your costs every Rand of sales covers, and how much of it is profit.
  Management packs Consolidate your reports into one workbook. These can also be downloaded in Excel format and will still be linked to your Accounting data.
  Excel report storage Keep your Excel reports safe and secure in the cloud. Remember these are still linked to your Accounting data.
  Custom folder creation Navigate to your reports easier and reduce clutter.

Feature Update

Release: March 2016

Exporting Reports As well as creating reports, you are now able to export / import reports. This makes it possible to import reports into different user accounts i.e. create a report, download it then share the downloaded file with another user.
The other user will be able to import the downloaded file.
Current / Prior Period Parameters This fun new feature allows columns to always reference a current period rather than select an individual period in a column property.
The same methodology can apply for a prior period. Hide Rows / Columns When creating a calculation column or row, the calculator will only allow you to insert rows or columns that exist in the report. However, in certain instances you may not want to see these rows / columns. To resolve this issue, you can now hide rows or columns you would not like to be visible in the report.
Once a row or column has been hidden it is greyed out on the preview screen.

Feature Update

Release: February 2016

Sage Intelligence is now available within Accounting so you can take advantage of cloud technology for reporting. To access Intelligence, select Reports in the Accounting menu and then click Intelligence. You will need to logon using the same details as you do with Accounting. Once successfully signed in, you’ll see a web page that is intuitive to navigate and easy to understand. The page will show you the following features
My Reports: Clicking on this icon will take you to a folder which contains all your ready-to-use and customised report layouts.
Create Financial Reports: This feature allows you to create a custom report from scratch using functions and formulas that make the design process easy, all without leaving Accounting!
Show Me How: If you ever get stuck, click on this icon. It will open up a library of step-by-step videos to help you make the most of the software.
  For more information on this release, take a look at the release notes
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