Flexible, financial reporting that adds up!


When viewing and studying your financial reports, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could quickly and seamlessly adjust the parameters you’ve selected to run the report without having to completely re-run it? That way, you’ll be able to easily change these parameters on the go— which will save you time and effort—especially if you notice any anomalies and need to instantly compare the report to previous periods or companies. This also eliminates the costly drag of maintaining 10 versions of the same report, all with a different view into the numbers.  

Let’s take it a little further, how about having the ability to quickly compare your reports side-by-side (with different parameters or filters) without having to print them out or take any screenshots? 

Sound good? You’re going to love this then. 

A new way of interacting with your financial reports 

In the new release of Sage Intelligence for Accounting, you gain access to a new toolbar that sits on top of your report which enables you to immediately filter your data as needed. The best part – once you’ve selected your new parameters for the report, simply hit the Calculate button and watch as the report changes accordingly. No exiting. No re-running. No fuss. 



And that bit about quickly and easily comparing your reports side-by-side? Before changing the parameters on the new toolbar, simply click on the Pop-Out button and get a snapshot of your current report, with its set filters, opened in a new tab. 


Get your financials together in one consolidated view  

Whether you’re a business owner or an accountant, it’s vital for you to be able to get a consolidated view of all the essential financial reports that are appropriate for your business in one neat, personalised Management Report PackWith this, you’re able to advise your key stakeholders or see for yourself how the business is doing and what needs to be done to ensure everything stays on track.  

If you’re an accountant who has many clients, you’ll know how time-saving it would be to be able to quickly and easily group all of these essential reports together once—and then simply update their parameters as required on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You also know that the true business value you can offer your clients is in the advice and commentary that you’ll be able to add to this set of reports so that they know exactly what’s going on in their businesses.  

In this release, you’re now able to get this consolidated view of the financial reports you need to ensure your business, or that of your clients, is on track. The Management Report Pack can be updated on a monthly basis at the click of a button, before you download it to Word to add commentary in context of each report and to further customise the pack. 

Your feedback helps us build the best solution for you.

Because our aim is to build the best solution that suits your needs, we welcome your feedback on this beta feature so that we can continuously improve the value we add to you and your practice. Hit the Beta button to find out how you can send feedback.


What’s more, you can also quickly and seamlessly update the parameters of all the reports in your Management Report Pack in one place, at the same time. Above your Management Report Pack, you’ll notice the same toolbar that’s present on your financial reports. You can use this the same way too—by instantly filtering all reports as needed.  


With the ready-to-use Management Report Pack that’s available, you get access to the essential financial reports you need all in one neat package. Simply select the parameters you would like to run your Management Report Pack out with and hit the Run Report button.  

However, if you’d like to add your own reports or start a pack from scratch, hit the Customize Report button and you’ll be able to add or remove any financial report you want. Ready with your selection? Update the parameters as needed and hit the Run Report button—that’s it! 


Happy with how your Management Report Pack has turned out online? Here’s where it gets interesting.  

By selecting the Download to Word button, your Management Report Pack will open in Microsoft Word where you’ll be able to take full advantage of the world’s most powerful word processor—including all of its customisation functionality. In addition to changing the look and feel of your Management Report Pack, you can also add your commentary here and ensure that each stakeholder in the business is aware of exactly what’s going on. 

We’d also love to hear from you and get your feedback on Sage Intelligence for Accounting and how you experience the new features. Drop us a line in the comment box below or email us so that we can get in touch and hear you out