Flexible, financial reporting that adds up!

When viewing and studying your financial reports, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could quickly and seamlessly adjust the parameters you’ve selected to run the report without having to completely re-run it? That way, you’ll be able to easily change these parameters on the go— which will save you time and effort—especially if you notice any anomalies and need to instantly compare the report to previous […]

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The importance of financial reporting

According to research, 35% of organizations indicate that demand for expedited financial information delivery is their top pressure. Financial analytics and financial reporting, are valuable sources for informed decision-making across an organization, and should be part of your company’s analytics strategy. By leveraging a financial analysis and reporting solution integrated with your business management solution, […]

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Midway Two makes the move to automated consolidation

As the holding company for seven subsidiaries, Midway Two’s monthly financial assignment includes the consolidation of its group’s results. In order to monitor the progress of the firm, each month end is a recipe of administrative man-hours, information processing and software tools in a race to output financials. Add a bit of the monthly unexpected, a touch of […]

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