Excel on Steroids 2013 Online has launched!

May 2016 has seen the launch of a new online training course from Sage Intelligence – Excel on Steroids 2013 Online – which aims to help save Excel users time by getting them to a level where they can use Excel like a pro to streamline their business reporting and analysis.


The course is the latest offering on the rapidly growing Sage Intelligence Academy, an online learning portal that allows individuals to expand their reporting knowledge with Sage Intelligence and Excel on Steroids courses anytime, anywhere.

According to Charles Teversham, MD of Sage Intelligence, “Microsoft® Excel® is probably the most widely used business tool in the world, the true language of business and accountants, offering powerful functionality for intuitive and intelligent business reporting, yet most of us only scratch the surface when it comes to using it optimally.” This, together with the fact that Sage Intelligence Reporting software delivers reports in Excel, prompted the Sage Intelligence team to create their popular Excel on Steroids courses over 12 years ago. The courses, then only available for classroom-based training, were designed to focus on specialized Excel functionality to turn an intermediate Excel user into an accomplished report writer.

Since then, these courses have enhanced efficiencies for over 25000 Excel users globally. Teversham attributes the popularity to “the in-depth coverage of specific Excel functionality for enhanced business reporting and decision making.  Delegates find the course content exceptionally powerful and it translates into direct time-savings for them at the office.”

Excel on Steroids 2013 Online is more than just an advanced Excel course, it focuses on the features of Microsoft® Excel® 2013 that are key for business reporting. What’s more, it is available online so that anyone has the flexibility to enhance their skills at a time and place suitable to them. Says Teversham, “This is particularly significant because, as a South African based business that provides software for Sage products globally, we are not restricted by geographies, but can offer our powerful course to Sage customers and Excel users the world over”.

The full course consists of three workshops focusing on specific topics and features relevant to reporting with Excel 2013:

  • Data Analysis
  • Functions & Formulas
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts

Heidi Lambson, Learning Services Manager at Sage Intelligence, explains that “each workshop can be undertaken separately according to the unique needs of an Excel user, however it is very cost effective to purchase the course as a three-course bundle.” She lists the benefits of the Excel on Steroids 2013 online course as:

  • The freedom to learn from anywhere, in your own time and at your own pace.
  • A practical, easy and fun learning experience due to the interactive nature of the course – each lesson includes exercises and quizzes
  • Access to a handy help tool that is accessible throughout the course gives hints and tips if and when you need them
  • The opportunity to apply your new knowledge and skills straight away to improve your Excel reports, streamline business processes, and save valuable time!

For more information on Excel on Steroids 2013 Online, contact [email protected], or visit the Sage Intelligence Academy at www.sageintelligenceacademy.com.