Enjoy customized, flexible reporting with the Report Manager Module – Part 3 of 3

In part one and two of this three part series you would have learnt, how to manipulate data using the Report Manager. Secondly how to create dashboards and save the report template.  In this three part series you will learn how to further improve your report without losing the original template by creating a copy and how you can protect your report and distribute it to other users.


Take your report to the next level by using Report Manager to copy your report or watch how to do it now:

  1. Select the report you wish to copy in the Report Manager and click on the Copy button on the Home tab.
  2. Click on the folder you wish to paste the copied report into, then click on the Paste button on the Home tab.
  3. Using the copy of your initial report you can begin to evolve your report.
  4. Renaming the report and export template appropriately by clicking in the Report Name field found in the Properties tab of the report. Once renamed ensure you click Apply button. When asked if you want to assign the new name of the report to the report template name click OK button. Reduce confusion when saving the report template by keeping the excel template name and the report name the same. This will help identify the report template you want to save.

If you looking for some guidance to further manipulate your report, watch this recorded webcast which covers the different tabs in the Properties window of the report in the Report Manager. Report Properties

To protect your report template you can do this by reading this tip on Locking Reports.  By using the Properties tab of the report, you can allow users to unlock your report when they copy the report. This will allow users to make a copy of the report while protecting the original report.  Users are now able to able to make changes to the copied report only.

Are you interested in sharing this report with colleagues once it is run out?  You have a few options on how to do this in the following Sage Intelligence recorded webcast. You are shown how to use the Generate Output file option in the Report Manager to save a file to a folder for others to view, or use the Distribution settings in the BI Tools tab in excel. Use this link and watch how it is done by using a sales report to automatically send the report to multiple users.  How to set up a sales report to automatically distribute to sales reps.

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If you found this series useful and you interested in learning more about Sage Intelligence use the link to watch recorded webcasts and register for upcoming webcast. http://www.sageintelligencecommunity.com/page/webinar-recordings