Enjoy customized, flexible reporting with the Report Manager module


Sage Intelligence allows you to create your own reports and enjoy customized, flexible reporting with the Report Manager module by exporting and manipulating your data in Microsoft® Excel®, helping you to correctly evaluate and find the current trends for your company.  The Report Manager module is one of the key modules within Sage Intelligence. It allows you to run reports in real time, and customize the standard report templates.  In this three part series blog I will be looking at how: Sage Intelligence exports the data from your ERP into Microsoft Excel using the Report Manager module.

The Report Manager module allows you to manipulate the data before placing it into the Excel workbook.   You can further manipulate the data by adding PivotTables and Charts.  You can also save the template back to the Report Manager, so next time all you would need to do is run the report, which will allow the template to be populated with real time data pulled from the ERP.  By using the Report Manager you are able to copy this report and make further changes to the copied report without losing the original template.

The Report Manager module will help you make sense of your RawData (the Name Range of all the data that is placed into Excel at run time), thus allowing you to simplify your data before it is placed into Excel, to make analyzing it easier.  When using the tools in Report Manager to manipulate your data before it goes into Excel, you can do the following:

  • You will be able to filter and summarize your data. Therefore only displaying the necessary information e.g. instead of having multiple transactions for one customer you may want to see a summarized version of those details. We have also given you the Aggregate Function and Filter options to use. (Watch this recorded webcast on how you would use this)
  • Using the Parameter feature you can input a value at run time to decide what you want to see e.g. date period.
  • Using System Variables you can set the report to run for the current month.
  • You can hide or delete zero rows in your report. Watch this video to learn how.
  • You can also extend formulas to used rows ensuring formulas are applied to all rows in your report. Watch this video to learn how.


So save time when manipulating data by using the Report Manager to focus on specific data you want to analyse.

In part two of this 3-part series, I will further explain how Sage Intelligence can empower you to easily manipulate your data in Excel and how you can save the Excel template. This will allow you to run the report, so you can avoid going through the whole data manipulation process again.