Streamline your financial and operational reporting with the Connector module

Business Intelligence studies of C-level decision makers consistently point to the need for better, faster decision making and analytics as being the priority for making better business decisions. These studies also show that they don’t make decisions based on the data contained in their own businesses. Why not? Because typically data is too complex and fragmented to retrieve and they do not have the tools for automating the retrieval process.

Does this sound familiar to you? No need to fret. The Connector module, in Sage Intelligence, can enable you to easily retrieve disparate data and help you organize your data quickly into meaningful reporting formats. Once the data is retrieved from your ODBC-compliant database using the Connector module you can build a report using the Report Manager and Microsoft Excel that turns data into information that you can analyze to make better business decisions quicker.

The Connector module comes shipped with connections to your Sage ERP but it also allows you to make connections to any other ODBC-compliant data sources. Once you make those connections you can then retrieve data from disparate systems and begin building powerful reports.

Imagine one report that includes charts and graphs reflecting customer orders, closed sales opportunities, overdue balances and top selling items like this one:

connector image.png
What are the benefits of utilizing the Connector module?
• Reporting from multiple data sources by enabling connection paths to all ODBC-compliant data sources; a few examples:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Sage CRM
  • Other CRM sources

• Enables the easy creation of advanced, professional dashboards that display data from multiple sources in visual graphs, charts and sparklines
• Report building on the fly by re-using existing data containers (Sage Intelligence is shipped with containers that point to Sage database tables used by pre-configured reports. These containers can be used for additional report building.)
• Easy database connection set up (Sage Intelligence is shipped with connection drivers for easy connection set up to various types of data sources)
• Extreme flexibility in building data source combinations down to the field level
• Targeted reports built by using advanced filtering, sorting, lookups and joins to determine specific data output
• Flexible enough to enable advanced data source combinations with or without SQL skills
• Security-based control of connections and data

To learn more about the Connector module, watch this recorded webcast: Get to grips with the powerful Sage Intelligence Connector module! or get a hold of me on [email protected].