Sage Intelligence at Sage Summit: Highlights of Summit 2012 for Sage Intelligence

Sage Summit never fails to deliver for the Sage Intelligence team and I can only reflect with great pride on our team based on the consistently positive feedback we received at Nashville. The greatest part of the annual get together is the relationships and camaraderie that we engender within the Sage ecosystem, but it is also a very trying and taxing week for our own team with 6 consecutive days of structured and unstructured relationship building and knowledge transfer.

The Sage Intelligence team geared up for the 5km fun run. From left to right: Gary Boddington, Debbie Hill, Charles Teversham, Stephen Coull, Michael Brennan and Ruth Gray.


The Sage Intelligence team subscribes unreservedly to a strong “work hard, play hard” ethos and Sage Summit is the perfect environment for us to grow our own team unity and cohesion,  while concurrently creating new relationships or augmenting existing relationships with our Sage partner’s and Sage customers.

Thank you and well done to the Sage Intelligence team for the hard work leading up to and including the week in Nashville, and we are thankful to the Sage Summit team for such a professional and successful event – See Y’ALL in Washington 2013!