Cloud computing includes thunder and lightning..

 In a recent article by Bob Scott he spoke of the damage done to the progress of cloud computing by various software vendors because of outages – probably frustrating, a bit like being unable to boot up first thing in the morning. He also went on to ask numerous questions which he conceded he didn’t have the answer for, but I think make for fascinating discussion. Specifically he asks if  “small businesses that don’t have the resources or time for formal disaster planning”, how will it be possible for small and mid-size organizations to protect themselves. This issue is a major concern for SaaS laggards so how do we handle this in future? Do businesses without enterprize budgets that can support backup plans just accept that sometimes you simply have to deal with an outage – or is there a generation of “Cloud Geeks” growing up in a world of fail over plans that will provide the long term silver lining?