Expanding into new markets and geographies

Why is it that mining services companies are sprouting all over Western Australia. Why is it that so many of the worlds engineers are migrating to Western Australia. Why is it that Western Australia is one of the fastest growing territories in the world. Well clearly the underlying issue is mining is a booming industry in Western Australia. So if you are in the mining industry then Western Australia is the place to be – and you can have that piece of anecdotal research for free!! The point is, how do you know where your next market is going to sprout and is one of your existing markets shrinking. In fact are you at risk of losing a market completely? How do you tell where to allocate your best and most profitable resources to capitalise on a geographic territory? Information provided by your Business Intelligence strategy should clearly indicate to you where your opportunities are to grow into new territories and where you may need to be more circumspect about applying resources. Do you know your expansion plans for 2010 and are they backed up by information that validates that strategy?