The best way to market your SaaS solution is…….?

The world of online marketing is ripe with opportunities to connect to many and varied customers on a global scale but is equally fraught with the possibility of confusing your prospect. Almost to a point where failing to understand your customers requirements or using inappropriate methods to connect to them can cause serious and irreparable damage to your online aspirations.

How does one select the best marketing tools to give powerful and efficient effect to your online “Go To Market” strategy. Options range from Analyst marketing (getting your propaganda to industry experts who in turn become your word of mouth ambassadors for you), to e-Mail campaigns, Blogs, PPC campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation, and on to the more traditional Trade Shows, and then extending all the way through to webinars and white papers.It’s a fascinating new world, not that the concepts are new and these issues are all recent discoveries, but more importantly the public in general are rapidly adopting SaaS technologies and are more typically inclined to respond to these online marketing tactics. I recently joined a great SaaS discussion group on Linked In (Here) and am discovering that so many of us on a global scale are going through the same challenges.

The exciting thing for me is in a few short years when all the challenges will be a thing of the past and our communities will have adopted our SaaS technologies as the standard – what will our online world look like then??